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Everyone in America knows this weekend as Labor Day weekend but those in Philadelphia know it as the one weekend when the parkway shuts down because Jay Z said so. For seven years, I’ve been going to the Made in America Festival. The first year I was still attending college at the University of Delaware. I organized a bus full of our friends and we traveled an hour to Philly to see Maybach Music, Skrillex, Drake, Pearl Jam, and the king himself (Jay-Z). Little did I know, I was also going to meet my future husband in the crowd of 80,000 festival goers. I guess you could say “we fell in love in a hopeless place” but jokes aside, it’s a special story and so we decided to keep the tradition alive and attend day 1 of #MIAFEST ‘19.

My fit - Ps & Qs shirt, vintage Wrangler denim shorts, leather cross body bag, my husbands socks & Fila sneakers His fit - Calvin Klein hat & BOH/Enemies Forever t-shirt

My fit - Ps & Qs shirt, vintage Wrangler denim shorts, leather cross body bag, my husbands socks & Fila sneakers His fit - Calvin Klein hat & BOH/Enemies Forever t-shirt  

This year was different, but a good different and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been working with the Back Of House team for about a year now on the social media & marketing. I’ve always worked in the field of women’s fashion, but men’s streetwear was a new and exciting realm that I entered through BOH. Entering the festival, I knew I wanted to cover the streetwear scene and recap this years vibe.

The parkway was flooded with people, but not nearly as crowded as years past. However the fashion game was stronger than ever. It was exciting to see the presence of streetwear and sportswear across both men and women. Through the crowd, I was noting big brands like Palm Angels, Rhude, Adidas, Stussy but also local Philly brands like Ps&Qs and Yowie. As I sat and analyzed the fashion scene, I realized how much has changed over the seven years I’ve attended. Girls turned in their flower crowns for fanny packs and guys switched from jerseys to graphic tees. And as anyone who has ever gone to a festival knows, sneakers are a MUST. And the kicks were on fire this year- from chunky high tops, to neons and animal prints, sneakers were out to play no matter the cost of damage to the shoes. Puma even had an on site customization activation which was pretty dope.

I stopped a few people on the street that I admired from afar and snapped a few #streetstyle flicks while asking about their outfit. 

@Isaiahajayi @carlisapp

Q: What are your names?

A: Isaiah & Carlis

Q: Where are you guys from? 

A: We both go to school in Boston

Q: Where are you guys wearing?

A: Mostly urban outfitters, but this orange cross body bag is from Calvin Klein. This bandana was like $1.50 at the corner store. 

Q: Who are you most excited to see?

A: Travis Scott for sure
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@iamKeohgi street style, made in america festival

Q: What’s your name?

A: Keohgi Clark

Q: Fit is on fire, where is your vest from?

A: Billionaire Boys Club

Q: What brings you here?

A: From NY, living in LA, here because my friend did the puma customization tent. Just came back from chilling with OBJ. I’m a stylist/designer.
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While working with BOH, I’ve learned a lot about men’s fashion but also have experienced the culture of BOH. Me and my husband met up with the boss man, Rodney & his newly wife Erika. Along with friends and some other teammates like Malcolm Jenkins of Damari Savile, we started wandering around and even passed by “Meek Mill Street”. Me and my husband quickly learned what it was like for an Eagles player to attend a crowded festival in Philadelphia. As you could imagine, it involves a lot of screaming fans, photographers and escaping into the VIP section with air conditioned tents and free drinks. I was not complaining :) 

 Rodney Mcleod, Malcolm Jenkins, and the Back of House team hit Made in America Festival 2019.

It was a different experience to say the least and it was much appreciated (thank you Rod). The nicest part was watching Cardi B, Juice Wrld & Kaskade perform while being able to socialize and make deeper connections with our group. While we always say BOH is family, I truly felt we were at the festival with family. Year #7 at #MIAFest was one I won’t forget and I’m already counting down to the next! To see more content from this years festival, follow us on IG @backofhouseusa.

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