About Us

As a progressive men’s street wear clothing store, our goal is to show the versatility of fashion through each collection we house. We aim to present integrity, and pure acknowledgement of the influencers and culture driving a national industry through the Back of House brand. We stock world-wide designers, allowing us to target a wide demographic of clients, including professional athletes and influencers.

As a company we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff. By focusing on the client’s aesthetic and offering personal styling, we’re able to create a unique shopping experience. When a client walks out of Back of House we want them to feel confident in their sense of style and own it!

Back of House is a closet full of experiences and we look forward to leaving a fashion legacy in Washington D.C.

Rodney Mcleod - Owner, CEO

I was born in Southeast, DC and spent most of my childhood years on a football field in PG County. My family exemplified sacrifice and hard work which motivated me to receive a full scholarship to the University of Virginia to play football. I joined the NFL, and 7 years later won Super Bowl 52 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Football demands confidence, fashion builds confidence."

I always believed I was more than an athlete and quickly became a fashion inspiration in the locker room.I love the motto “You look good, you feel good, you play good”. I enjoy wearing edgy but unique conversational pieces including streetwear, vintage, and cozy garments. Having a keen eye for fashion, I decided to launch Back of House in my hometown to share my passion with my city.

As the owner of Back of House the love I have for my city runs deep. DC culture has made a huge impact on the man I am today and I pay tribute to the city through many pieces of artwork on my body. Nothing makes me happier than bringing out confidence in my customers through fashion. You can find my latest fashion inspirations on “Wavy Wednesdays” through our Instagram feed.

Don Davenport - Owner, Creative Director

From as far back as I can remember I have been a daydreamer that constantly experiments with different ways to entertain my wild imagination. I was very shy growing up and hated when I had to stand up and tell the class about myself, so I unconsciously made fashion my way of introducing myself. For me, fashion is a form of art that I have learned to express myself through and bring my imagination to life.

"Much like a musician or painter, I use fashion and personal style as my instrument or paintbrush."

My personal style varies but is typically a representation of my current mood. As Creative Director for Back of House, I am able to live out my passion and share my creativity with the world.

When I’m not working on my latest creative projects, you can catch me traveling. One thing most people don't know about me is my deep infatuation with animals. I do my own research on them and love to travel to different countries to interact with wildlife up close and personal. I feel like can learn a lot from animals on how to love and respect each other and I truly enjoy interacting with them as much as possible!

Jonathan Mason - Owner, CFO

I was born in Prince George’s County to an Entrepreneur Father, Theodore Mason and a Circuit Court Judge Mother, Karen Mason. I was fortunate to have strong examples of excellence from a young age, including my sister Nicole.  My father passed his entrepreneurial spirit and love of football down to me. With hard work and dedication I was able to successfully pursue two of my passions at Harvard, football and business.

After graduating, I went on to work at J.P.Morgan and raise a Hedge Fund, named after my late Father. With these skills, I run the finances for Back of House as CFO.

"I love that you can create a uniform that expresses how you feel each day with fashion."

My personal style is “whatever will make my niece Nina think I’m cool.”  I like to mix high-end streetwear with lesser known local and international brands.

I’m currently pursuing an MBA from Harvard, so it’s vital that I think quick on my feet. I enjoy freestyling and rap battles with my closest friends “The Crew” to keep me sharp. I’ve also joined an Improv troop Comedy Worx in North Carolina.

For me, retail wasn’t just the first job to buy all of the things my parents wouldn’t, it was a passion that would become the blueprint for the rest of my life. After studying Fashion Retail Management & Marketing, I was able to work with companies such as G-Star Raw, Rag & Bone, and Barneys Co-Op.

While working with these companies, I noticed a huge opportunity that was taking the scene by storm, the athlete market, which lead to my partnership with Back of House.

Kevin James - Owner, Operations Management

"I find it imperative to make everyone feel accepted."

Surprisingly, I don’t necessarily consider myself a “Fashion Guy”. I actually look at what I do as Lifestyle and Social Responsibility Connoisseurship. Showing appreciation for every customer is important to me.  If you’re spending $1.00, I want you to feel as important as the guy spending $1000, simply because you made a choice to support us.