About Us

Established in 2017, Back of House is a lifestyle brand and retail company founded by Super Bowl Champion Rodney McLeod. Rooted in his hometown Washington, DC, Back of House promotes self-awareness and individuality. Throughout our lifetime, we are often overlooked by society, and left feeling invaluable. Back of House was created to help individuals recognize their worth, and true purpose in life. No matter where you are in your journey, we hope every member within our community feels encouraged, inspired, and motivated to find their purpose.

"Break Barriers, Build Individuals."

Rodney Mcleod - Owner, CEO

I was born in Southeast, DC and spent most of my childhood years on a football field in PG County. My family exemplified sacrifice and hard work which motivated me to receive a full scholarship to the University of Virginia to play football. I joined the NFL, and 7 years later won Super Bowl 52 with the Philadelphia Eagles.


I always believed I was more than an athlete and quickly became a fashion inspiration in the locker room.I love the motto “You look good, you feel good, you play good”. I enjoy wearing edgy but unique conversational pieces including streetwear, vintage, and cozy garments. Having a keen eye for fashion, I decided to launch Back of House in my hometown to share my passion with my city.

As the owner of Back of House the love I have for my city runs deep. DC culture has made a huge impact on the man I am today and I pay tribute to the city through many pieces of artwork on my body. Nothing makes me happier than bringing out confidence in my customers through fashion. You can find my latest fashion inspirations on “Wavy Wednesdays” through our Instagram feed.